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16.12.2010 - topsy turvy
The German language has the expression \"drunter und drüber\", which might be translated as \"topsy-turvy\". Literally it means \"over and under\", things lying around on top of and underneath all sorts of things. Figuratively speaking, the expression refers to a state of disorder and confusion. These two aspects describe the character of the exhibited pictures pretty well.

After working for quite a while with large-format drawings that were determined by a certain subject and style, I got tired of this and wanted to gain more freedom in range and space.
One afternoon, lost in thoughts, I was doodling in my sketchbook when the drawing started to expand so that I had to add two other sheets to finish it.
In this way the format developed, and I kept it for all the sheets that followed. Equally, I retained the concept of that first drawing and began each time without any predetermined subject. I allowed myself to be guided by memories, playful thoughts, silly ideas, and associations derived from images and sounds .

Sometimes the initial idea survived, more often, however, it was overshadowed by other ideas. Sometimes new connections were formed, for instance when things that had been painted over or stuck over by other things were removed (washed off or torn off), which made underlying traces visible again.
Of course, this kind of working process involved certain risks. I might get nowhere, come to no satisfying point, simply turn out to be too disheartened and despondent. All this could be a new beginning, or ultimately lead to a state of paralysis.

Eventually, however, I produced about sixty pieces in this way, forty of which can be seen in this exhibition now.
As a matter of common observation, there is a certain interaction between an artefact and its surroundings. Therefore I am thrilled to see what the pictures will be like in their new environment.

Harald Winter

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