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Profil www.GarboForever.de.vu

URL: www.GarboForever.de.vu   Klicks: 574

Private Homepage über die Schwedisch/Amerikanische Schauspielerin Greta Garbo. Mit Gallerien, Biograpie, Filmograpie, Videos und mehr.
Kategorie: Private Websites  Branche: Hobby
Agentur / Betreiber: Torsten Anklam
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09.08.2007 - Greta Garbo and Clarence Sinclair Bull
Clarence Sinclair Bull (1896 - 1979) was born in Michigan but spent most of his life in Hollywood where he died in 1979. He was hired by movie mogul Sam Goldwyn in 1920 to photograph publicity stills of the studio's stars. Four years later, when Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer was founded, Bull was appointed as the head of their stills department where he remained throughout his career. During that time he took portraits of the most celebrated Hollywood film stars, however, he is particularly known for his photographs for Garbo who was almost exclusively photographed by Bull from 1926 to 1941. From The Kiss until Two-Faced Woman in 1941, Bull was to take all Garbo's portraits with the exception of one film in 1930, Romance. George Hurrell, who came to MGM in that year, took these portraits. Bull was the ideal collaborator for this sensitive soul , Garbo. Their first set of proofs showed it, aportfolio of accomplished images that would be printed, published, reprinted, and seen all over the world.

see the portraits here:


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