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Profil www.GarboForever.de.vu

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Private Homepage über die Schwedisch/Amerikanische Schauspielerin Greta Garbo. Mit Gallerien, Biograpie, Filmograpie, Videos und mehr.
Kategorie: Private Websites  Branche: Hobby
Agentur / Betreiber: Torsten Anklam
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09.08.2007 - Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich
Paramount and many other studios wanted to create a new Garbo and it seamed that in those days and even decades later, the whole world was looking for a new Garbo. A “singing Garbo”, a “German, Italian, French etc. - Garbo”, a “laughing Garbo”, a “Male Garbo”, a “red-headed Garbo” and even a “female Garbo” (if this is even imaginable). The whole world had a Garbo - complex.

Marlene Dietrich was, next to Garbo, the biggest movie-export from Europe. Paramount and von Sternberg wanted to create a new Garbo, but Dietrich, stayed Dietrich, though her outside changed a lot… Von Sternberg was the one who studied Garbo’s films, image and photos and he was truly inspired by Garbo while creating “Dietrich”.

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