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Hier finden Sie Artikel, Leserbriefe, Gedichte und Aphorismen von Achim Wolf.
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27.04.2017 - True and direct democracy
True and direct democracy

... Democracy requires, that from all sides, so therefore from those governing, the parties and the people, everything is being handled, transformed and carried out equally and in peacefulness and therefore no Gewalt, coercion or repressive measures appear from any side. A true democracy must therefore be built up without Gewalt and coercion, etc. already from the ground, consequently no acts of Gewalt and coercion or retaliatory measures in any form by any side must appear. And as an explanation of what we Plejaren understand by democracy, I want to explain the following: In the case of us Plejaren, around 52,000 years ago, the true democracy and thus also a lasting peace ever since as well as an extensive freedom was established amongst all peoples, which happened by means of the fact that all undemocratic forms of government and their modes of action were prohibited. That also led to a definitive peace amongst all peoples, hence we Plejaren live in true peace and in real freedom ever since. ...

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