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Profil www.freundderwahrheit.de

URL: www.freundderwahrheit.de   Klicks: 14686

Hier finden Sie Artikel, Leserbriefe, Gedichte und Aphorismen von Achim Wolf.
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Agentur / Betreiber: privat
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14.11.2017 - Surrogacy - Leihmutterschaft
... It is certainly the case that subconsciously the child perceives the fact – and stores it in the unconscious of its memory – that it is given away by the physical mother and delivered to the genetic parents, that is to say, the ‘ordering parents’, like a commodity. Thereby it definitely turns out to be a degrading ‘selling’ of a growing human being, who is a helpless captive of this ‘business’. Every human being has the natural right to have parents, who beget him/her in a natural way as well as – on the part of the mother – caringly carry him/her to full term and give birth. ...

Complete text: https://www.freundderwahrheit.de/surrogacy___leihmutterschaft.html

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